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OVY 2-Boxes (10 Suppositories)

OVY 2-Boxes (10 Suppositories)

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OVY RELIEF™ delivers high-dosage CBD & CBG so you can get back to being + doing YOU during that time of the month. Just unwrap the suppository, stick it in your vagina, and get on with your day while enjoying up to 8 hours of back-to-normal.

With a patent-pending blend of CBD and CBG, OVY is a safe and effective way for women and people who menstruate to feel like themselves during their cycle. Each suppository will be amethyst-hued.

Ingredients preserve the normal vaginal pH, so no UTIs, yeast infections, or BV! Fast acting and long-lasting. 

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Got questions? We’ve got answers.

A vaginal suppository is a small, solid pill inserted directly into the vagina to deliver medication. Compared to other treatments for period relief, using a vaginal suppository allows for an efficient and localized release of the product, thus providing relief exactly where you need it. The ingredients act quickly and directly on the receptors in your pelvic region without affecting the rest of your body.

Nope! OVY Relief™ doesn't contain any THC, which is the psychoactive compound found in the cannabis plant responsible for the "high" people refer to. OVY's main active ingredients are hemp-derived CBD & CBG, both non-psychoactive compounds from cannabis that provide the discomfort easing and anti-inflammatory benefits.

There is evidence for CBD’s efficacy and safety when used for managing period symptoms, endometriosis, PCOS, PMDD, and other conditions. Using CBD has been shown to restore the endocannabinoid balance, a naturally occurring system in the body that contributes to period discomfort when things are off. Research indicates that CBD is a 30x stronger analgesic with a favorable safety profile when compared with Aspirin.

You can use OVY Relief™ as often as you need to relieve period discomfort. However, we recommend starting to use it 3 days prior to the start of your cycle. Unlike non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), there are no known adverse effects from regular use of vaginal CBD suppositories.

Heck no! The distinctive smell of pot comes from the dried flowers and leaves of the cannabis plant, which are not used in our products.

Vaginal suppositories are fast-acting because they dissolve within 10-15 minutes and are directly absorbed into the bloodstream in your vagina. You'll likely start to feel relief 30-45 minutes after insertion with up to 8 hours of long-lasting relief. Depending on your level of discomfort and dosage, we recommend inserting another OVY after 6-8 hours.

We’ve got you covered. Simply peel the tabs apart to reveal the OVY Relief™ suppository ovule. Then, discard the outer shell.

Wash your hands with soap and water and ensure your vaginal area is clean and dry. After removing the wrapper, use a clean finger to gently insert the suppository as far into the vaginal canal as it can comfortably go, just as you would a tampon. You may also use an applicator if desired.

Our product is third party tested to the highest standards.  CoA can be found here ( . We have also received the Physicians Cannabinoid Council's trusted "Quality Verified Seal"

Still have questions? Read more on our FAQ page or drop us a line and get in touch.

Customer Reviews

Based on 35 reviews
Laesha Bewley
Effectiveness: Moderately effective
Comparison: Somewhat better
Effects: Gradual over time
Works, but muted

These suppositories definitely helped to dial down the pain, however they did not completely get rid of it, just made it more manageable. I ended up using 1 box for 1 period because I needed 2 suppositories at a time for optimal relief. Long term, that is pretty pricey. I would keep a box put away for those unbearable days, but I can't justify using them as my main source of pain control as a result of the price. I would love for AIMA to release an extra strength dose.

Caitlyn T
Effectiveness: Highly effective
Comparison: Much better
Effects: Immediate relief
Easy to use and comfortable for people with pelvic pain

I'm a pelvic physical therapist and I've worked with many people facing severe pelvic pain, particularly during their periods. For patients with uterine fibroids, endometriosis, and other conditions that cause intense cramping pain during menstruation, I often struggle to help them find pain relief that works and lasts.

I'm excited to be able to offer OVY to more of these patients. The suppository is small and easy to insert, even for people with a lot of pelvic floor muscle tension. I love that it's water-based so it won't disrupt the natural vaginal microenvironment or alter its pH.

A great innovation in helping people with pelvic pain manage their symptoms and feel better quickly!

J. W.
Effectiveness: Highly effective
Comparison: Somewhat better
Effects: Immediate relief
Very effective, no negative side effects!

OVY is an easy and effective way to treat the worst of my endometriosis pain without the harsh side effects of a lot of medications (NSAIDS and narcotics). With OVY, I can get back to sleep or work without worrying that my stomach will ache or wondering if I can safely work/drive/function. I am thankful to have an option to treat my pain that is effective and without negative side effects.

Effectiveness: Highly effective
Comparison: Much better
Effects: Immediate relief
A must for endometriosis

My PT gave me one of the OVY because even after surgery I still have VERY painful periods. The suppository really helped with the tension due to the pain in my pelvic area. I was able to sleep that night which is a bit improvement for those days for me. I already got some more and hopefully I won’t need them very often but I’m glad it exists!

Effectiveness: Highly effective
Comparison: Much better
Effects: Immediate relief
I love OVY!

As someone who has immensely struggled with period pain my entire life, this product saved me from the excruciating 2-3 days of intense cramps and allowed me to feel normal during my cycle - a first! I'm recommending it to all my friends!