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OVY Relief: CBD-Based Period Pain Relief

OVY Relief: CBD-Based Period Pain Relief

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OVY Relief is placed inside of the vaginal cavity, releasing CBD, CBG, and the other actives over a prolonged period of time providing long lasting pain relief. Administration through the vagina provides localized drug delivery with high bioavailability by bypassing the liver and directly delivering CBD to cannabinoid receptors in the female reproductive system (which naturally exist there!) making OVY the most effective pain reliever for menstruators.

Currently available in all states except Utah & Louisiana. 

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FAQ! Your questions answered.

What's a vaginal suppository?

A vaginal suppository is a small, solid pill inserted directly into the vagina to deliver medication. Compared to other treatments for period relief, using a vaginal suppository allows for an efficient and localized release of the medication, thus providing relief exactly where you need it - in the reproductive tract. The active ingredients can act quickly and directly on receptors residing in the reproductive organs without affecting the rest of your body.

Will this get me high?

No! OVY Period Relief doesn't contain any THC, which is psychoactive compound found in the cannabis plant reponsible for the "high" people experience upon use. OVY's main active ingredients are CBD & CBG, both non-psychoactive compounds from cannabis that provide the pain-relieving effects. See next question for more info!

How does CBD help period pain?

There is evidence for CBD’s efficacy and safety when used for management of period pain, endometriosis, and restoring the endocannabinoid balance a naturally occurring system in the body (when off balance contributes to period pain). Research indicates that CBD is 30x stronger analgesiac than Aspirin with favorable safety profile.

How often should I use OVY?

You can use OVY as often as you need to relieve period discomfort, however, we recommend starting it 3-days prior to the start of your menstrual cycle. Unlike non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, there are no knon adverse effects from regular use of vaginal CBD-based suppositorries.

Will it make me smell like pot?

Not at all ! The distinctive smell of pot comes from the dried flowers and leaves of the cannabis plant, which are not used in our period relief products.

How long does it take for OVY to work?

Vaginal suppositories are fast-acting because they dissolve within 10-15 minutes and are directly absorbed into the bloodstream in your vagina. You'll likely start to feel relief 30-45 minutes after insertion with 7-9 hours of long-lasting relief. We recommend inserting another OVY after 6-8 hours, depending on your level of discomfort and dosage.

How do I get the suppository out of the shell?

Remove the suppository from the wrapper by pressing on the suppository from the back of the packaging and into the alu-film.

How do I insert the suppository?

Wash your hands with soap and water and ensure your vaginal area is clean and dry. After removing the wrapper, use a clean finger to gently insert the suppository as far into the vaginal canal as it can comfortably go, just as you would a tampon.