Normalize menstrual health—period.

AIMA was founded to disrupt the status quo and advocate for women & people with periods everywhere.

AIMA (“eh-ma”) is derived from the Greek word for blood.

Founded in 2019, we exist to create alternative solutions for effective period relief.

Lanna's story

In 2018, I couldn't take any more Advil or birth control pills for my debilitating period cramps. I had developed stomach ulcers and transient ischemic attacks (tiny strokes) and felt exhausted and hopeless. 

But when I went to my doctor, she tried to prescribe me opioids. I knew I needed to find an alternative solution. So, I turned to cannabis.

I founded AIMA so that women and people who menstruate have access to period care that doesn't have harmful or life-threatening side effects. In doing so, AIMA is creating a more equitable and just world where every single body can feel empowered and celebrated.

Scientifically Driven

Our products are driven by the science behind CBD and wellness.


We’re inclusive of all women and people who menstruate.

Advocacy & Education

Because knowledge is powerful and empowering.

Integrative Health

Our products are made for body, mind, and soul.

We’re a team of scientists, doctors, intersectional feminists and industry experts who get shit done.

Lanna Last CEO & Co-founder, BA, MA

Lanna is an ecofeminist and advocate for gynecological health. She founded AIMA in 2019 in response to the lack of safe and effective remedies for her period pain. She founded Aruna Revolution in 2021 to address menstrual waste. Her work and writing serve as a means to disrupt systems of inequality that continue to pervade society.

Melanie ter Borg COO & Co-founder, BSc, MA

Melanie is a parachuting accident survivor and former NSAID user for chronic pain. She is an experienced lab technician in drug delivery, stem cells, and genetic engineering with significant experience with biotechnology and eCommerce start-ups.

Dr. Mali Meibod CSO & Co-founder, PhD

Mali is a scientific and technical expert in drug discovery and delivery, leading AIMA with R&D and industry experience. Her prior research focused on designing fast-acting and long-lasting drug delivery systems to be used topically or on the mucosal membranes.

Dr. Rachel Gelman, PT, DPT, CSC 

Dr. Gelman is a Pelvic Floor Physical Therapist and founder of Pelvic Wellness & Physical Therapy. She has over 15,000 hours of clinical practice under her belt, teaches as an adjunct instructor in the physical therapy program at Samuel Merritt University, and writes about pelvic health for various publications.


Corey Scholibo

As the COO and President of Wile, a plant-based wellness line for mid-life women, Corey likes to build businesses that create visibility and markets for underserved or excluded demographics and that change human behavior for the better. 

Dr. Markus Roggen, PhD

Dr. Roggen brings scientific and leadership experience to the cannabis industry, both from his academic background in organic chemistry and through industry experience in crop protection, plant analytics, and pharmaceutical manufacturing.

Mike Kervin

Mike is an experienced director of sales with a demonstrated history of working in the consumer goods industry. Currently, he is the Director of CPG at Slutty Vegan ATL.

Dr. Brittany Barreto

Known as "The Voice of FemTech", Dr. Barreto is a global leader in women’s health innovation. As the Co-Founder and Executive Director of FemTech Focus, she is an unconventional scientist and entrepreneur who proves that anything is possible with hard work and heart.

Christopher Chew

Christopher is an executive operator, start-up advisor, and investor focused on building retail, lifestyle, and technology companies. He excels at the intersection of venture strategy, growth leadership, and innovation.

You deserve to feel empowered during that time of the month

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