Effective period relief, one uterus at a time.

Our tested CBD & CBG vaginal suppository helps you get back to being + doing YOU during that time of the month.

Introducing our CBG & CBD vaginal suppository for period relief

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Meet OVY Relief™, your new time-of-the-month bestie!

It's simple, just take our CBD & CBG suppository - OVY RELIEF™, stick it in your vagina, and enjoy the next 8 hours of feeling like yourself again. OVY RELIEF™ is clinically tested for relief of menstrual symptoms.


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Did you know that 90% of women and people who menstruate describe their period cramps as moderate to severe—the pain equivalent to a heart attack?

That’s right. Studies have shown that period symptoms have an immediate negative impact on quality of life, forcing 41% of us to miss work or school.
These numbers don’t even include those of us who experience endometriosis, PCOS, PMDD, and other gynecological conditions. This isn’t normal.

Current treatment options are just not effective, either.

NSAIDs, hormones, and opioids can have serious side effects — hello, ulcers! — but the mainstream medical system thinks we’re just making things up. (Cue screaming.)

It shouldn’t be this hard to find relief.

So why don’t other menstrual health options exist?

The gender pain gap means that period symptoms aren’t taken seriously. This affects how much research and funding goes into finding solutions. Plus social and cultural stigma has made discussing our experiences taboo, leaving so many of us feeling unheard and uncared for.

We say “no more”.

Hi, we’re AIMA—a female-founded team on a mission to close the gender pain gap and advocate for uterus owners everywhere!

Our tested CBD & CBG products are made by menstruators, for menstruators. Taking an integrative approach that addresses mind, body, and soul, our products radically reshape the way that periods are perceived and managed. Plus they’re safe, effective, and backed by science.


We live and breathe science—and not just for cred, either! Because if it’s not evidence-based, we don’t want it anywhere near our bodies.

Inclusive AF

Being intersectional feminists means we celebrate, uplift, and amplify the voices of women and people who menstruate from all walks of life.

Advocates & Educators

You can’t disrupt the norm without taking action. That’s why we’re so passionate and vocal about education and advocacy around menstrual health and CBD.

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What people are saying about OVY


I was skeptical that this would work. I've tried natural or herbal products in the past for my terrible period pain, but nothing worked EXCEPT OVY. I went from an 8 calling the ambulance to a 2, sleeping in my bed pain free.


I highly recommend OVY RELIEF to anyone struggling with period or pelvic pain. It's clear that AIMA has put a lot of thought and care into creating this product, and it shows in the quality of relief it provides.


The instructions were easy to follow and informative. The texture was comfortable. Over all the product is exactly as simple as I would like it to be. It relieved my pain and I felt a lot more calm. I would definitely use it again.


I really like this approach to pain relief instead of pain killers. Helped my pain a lot.


I like that it's central to the area it's supposed to help!


After going off birth control for health reasons, I found myself facing intensified period symptoms that seemed to defy the effectiveness of traditional painkillers. Frustrated and in need of a solution, I began seeking alternatives that could address my discomfort more effectively.
So, I decided to try out AIMA, a CBD vaginal suppository that promised to provide relief where conventional painkillers had fallen short.
From the moment I tried it, I was amazed by its effectiveness in providing fast and targeted relief. The soothing properties of CBD combined with the convenient application of the suppository have truly transformed my menstrual experience.
I highly recommend AIMA to anyone seeking a safe, effective, and enjoyable solution for menstrual pain relief.

Feel fully human during your cycle.

Because wellness isn’t about hiding your symptoms. It’s about caring for your body, mind, and soul.