AIMA is breaking the cycle of pain by closing the gender pain gap.

90% of menstruators describe their period pain as moderate to severe, pain equivalent to a heart attack. Period pain has an immediate negative impact on the quality of life, forcing 41% of menstruators to miss work or school.

Current treatment options such as NSAIDs, hormones, and opioids have serious side effects like kidney failure, stomach ulcers, blood clots, strokes and even death. Recently, a 26-year-old woman suffering from endometriosis pain accidentally overdosed and died on a mix of opiates prescribed by her doctor.

So, why donʼt other treatment options exist?

Our mission is to close the gender pain gap by radically reshaping the way period pain is perceived and managed. We will work diligently to bring menstruator-tested CBD-infused products and pain management systems to relieve pain safely and effectively - starting with OVY RELIEF.

  • Lanna Last, CEO & Co-founder, BA, MA

    Lanna is a queer ecofeminist and advocate for gynaecological health. She founded AIMA in 2019, a response to the dearth of safe and effective remedies for her period pain, and Aruna Revolution in 2021, to address menstrual waste. Her work and writing serve as a means to disrupt systems of inequality that continue to pervade society.

  • Melanie ter Borg, COO & Co-founder, BSc, MA

    Melanie is a parachuting accident survivor and former chronic pain NSAID user. She is an experienced lab technician in drug delivery, stem cells, and genetic engineering, as well as experience with biotechnology and eCommerce start-ups.

  • Mali Meibod, CSO & Co-founder, PhD

    Mali is a scientific and technical expert in drug discovery and delivery, leading AIMA with R&D and industry experience through her work at AstraZeneca Canada. Her prior research focused on designing fast-acting and long-lasting drug delivery systems to be used topically or on the mucosal membranes.

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    Board Advisor

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