What Women and People Born with A Uterus Are Saying About Our Products

What Women and People Born with A Uterus Are Saying About Our Products

While we are incredibly proud and excited about our products, there is something to be said about hearing about them from the most essential folks: our customers! 

Reviews and feedback play a critical role in our digital and consumer-centric world. They represent a form of social proof, influencing insight into the quality, reliability, and efficiency of products, services, or experiences. Reviews contribute significantly to the functioning and evolution of the market, fostering trust, transparency, and accountability. 

Should we find out what the word on the street is about AIMA?!

Real-World Reviews and Feedback 

Plenty of people hear about our OVY suppository and get a little intimidated —which makes perfect sense because it's something new and it involves inserting it into the vagina. But we're here to reassure you, it's effortless and straightforward. 

Evelyn has the following to say about this: “The instructions were easy to follow and informative. The texture was comfortable. Overall, the product is exactly as simple as I would like it to be. It relieved my pain and I felt a lot more calm!” 

Our vaginal suppository is a compact, solid tablet designed to be placed directly into the vagina. The active compounds work swiftly and precisely on the receptors in your pelvic area, bypassing the broader systemic impact on your body. It supports menstrual discomfort, by providing an effective and targeted release of the medication, ensuring relief right at the needed spot. 

Another common question we often get hit with is, how long does it take to work? Let's hear from Maddy: “From the moment I tried it, I was amazed by the effectiveness in providing fast and targeted relief. The soothing properties of CBD combined with the convenient application of the suppositive have truly transformed my menstrual experience.” 

Vaginal suppositories are fast-acting.  They dissolve within 10-15 minutes after being inserted and are promptly absorbed into the bloodstream via the vagina. Relief will start to overcome you about 30-45 minutes after the insertion of the suppository with up to 8 hours of long-lasting comfort! That translates to a full workday! 

The relief is the best part! Many women, including Kristen, sing the praise of the relief of OVY, “I was skeptical that this would work. I've tried natural or herbal products in the past for my terrible period pain, but nothing worked, except OVY! I went from an 8 calling the ambulance to a 2, sleeping in my bed pain-free.” 

Taylor concurs, sharing “I really like this approach to pain relief instead of painkillers. Helped my pain a lot.” 

This is an important statement as our goal is to move away from unnatural, and intense pain relief methods. Traditionally, women and those with a uterus that menstruate are cornered by their options — or lack thereof. Shall we go through them?:

  • Suffer through the pain
  • Take Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs)
  • Hormones via birth control 
  • Opioids 

It's pretty wild, isn't it?! 

Frustrating and fatigue inspired us to harness the power of CBD and CBG to create this suppository for women and people who menstruate to have access to period care that doesn't have harmful or life-threatening side effects. We are striving to create a beautiful, more  equitable and just world where every single body can feel empowered, heard, and celebrated. We believe women and those who mandate because everyone behind AIMA has first-hand experience—including the frustrations from the medical care system who try to pretend what we experience isn't real. It is real, and we want to be there! 

We're grateful our mission is being heard and appreciated by others, including Tanya, who shared, “I highly recommend OVY RELIEF to anyone struggling with period or pelvic pain. It’s clear that AIMA has put a lot of thought and care into creating this product and it shows in the quality of relief it provides.” 

Hey, Thanks! 

What started as a creative approach and solution to a very REAL problem has turned into a revolution and we can't wait to continue spreading pain relief and the opportunity the lack of pain will offer other women and people who menstruate. Can you picture how you will spend your days with pain-free periods?! 

Thank you to all the wonderful humans who took the time to give us feedback and reviews. We appreciate it more than you know! If you have anything you wish to share with us, please do. And if you are ready to jump in and experience serious pain relief,  you can shop OVY here
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