What to Expect From Your Chat With a Cannabis Clinician

What to Expect From Your Chat With a Cannabis Clinician

Sharing your fears, personal experiences, pain points, and joys is a part of the human experience. There are few greater feelings than being validated and heard by someone who truly understands you. This is the experience we hope to curate for everyone that is subscribed who is engaged with a free consultation with our incredible cannabis clinicians. This article will break down what you can expect when meeting with an AIMA Cannabis Clinician. 

What Is A Cannabis Clinician? 

You might be thinking—is that a real job!? Yes, it sure is. A cannabis clinician is a medical professional, who has specialized and dedicated training and knowledge in the therapeutic use of cannabis and its derivatives. These clinicians are well-versed in how medical cannabis can be used to treat various conditions, its potential interactions with other medications, appropriate dosing, different modes of administration, and the science behind the endocannabinoid system in the human body.

With AIMA, our friendly and knowledgeable cannabis clinicians offer consultations to patients seeking alternative treatment options. They regularly engage in ongoing research, and keep up with the latest scientific findings regarding cannabis so they can continue to guide safe and effective use for specific medical conditions. They play an essential role in ensuring that anyone using medical cannabis receives the care and guidance necessary to use it safely and effectively.

What Does A Complimentary Consultation with A Cannabis Clinician Entail? 

We're so glad you asked!The process begins here for anyone who is subscribed. All the sessions with the cannabis clinicians are 100% personalized, as we appreciate everyone has a different story and experience. So, the experience starts with a short 5-minute survey. 

Questions are uncomplicated such as “When do you have menstrual-related pain in your cycle?” and “Where do you experience pain related to your cycle?” This helps us understand you and in sharing your experiences with us, we can understand how best to support you and how to recommend products that are helpful for you. 

After completing the survey in full, you will then get to book your sessions, which will take place online! 

During your consultation, the clinician will take the time to listen to your specific needs and experiences, offering tailored insights and recommendations to help you find relief. During the 15-minute session, there will be time for questions so please come prepared with some!  

Benefits Of Meeting With A Cannabis Clinician 

For women's health and menstrual pain relief, our cannabis clinicians offer a wealth of knowledge on how cannabinoids can aid in pain reduction, inflammation control, and overall well-being enhancement. We appreciate that OVY is a new phenomenon and everyone has not had the chance to use vaginal suppositories.  

During the consultation, the cannabis clinician can guide individuals through the myriad of available choices, demystify the science of cannabis-infused treatments, and address any queries or apprehensions. For instance, they can explain in an uncomplicated way that CBD is a natural compound found in the cannabis sativa plant. Unlike THC, the primary psychoactive component in marijuana responsible for its mind-altering effects, CBD lacks this property. Instead of inducing a "high" or euphoria, CBD tends to promote relaxation and relief. They can also provide insights into how cannabinoids interact with our body's endocannabinoid system, which plays a crucial role in regulating various physiological processes.

In addition, these consultations serve as a platform for empowerment and enlightenment. AIMA's cannabis clinicians are dedicated to equipping you with the necessary knowledge for informed health decisions. They guide you through the intricate maze of women's health, addressing issues like endometriosis, primary and secondary dysmenorrhea, PCOS, and painful intercourse. With the right knowledge and tools at your disposal, you're better positioned to proactively manage your health and champion your well-being. This is important to us to offer this as it leads to sustainable health, as menstruators identify new, innovative solutions which can support generations of female health for years to come. We hope at the end of your session, you will walk away feeling enlightened and supported, empowered with the necessary knowledge to make informed choices about health. 


Our clinicians are pivotal in equipping individuals with the information they need to make enlightened health choices and consider alternative symptom management strategies. Through their consultations and expert guidance, they foster a nurturing atmosphere, ensuring tailored recommendations that align with individual needs, aspirations, and health objectives.

Finally, we wish to remind you all these consultations are 100% free! So, what are you waiting for? Talk to a cannabis clinician today!
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