What Sets AIMA Apart?

What Sets AIMA Apart?

The limitations of conventional pain relief options for period pain are suffocating, with many menstruators either grappling with NSAIDs, hormonal contraceptives, and opioids—and their undesirable side effects each cycle. 

Enter: our team of innovative, intersectional, feminist, and female-identifying industry experts,  determined to shake things up for menstruators and open the door to new and exciting options.  In this article, we are going to discuss the ways that AIMA stands out in the world of period pain. We are different—for all the right reasons. 

How Is AIMA Different? 

1. We Listen To All Menstruators 

At AIMA, we are inclusive and empathetic. We listen to the people who experience real-life period pain, advocating for those who have traditionally been unheard.  Many of our customers are fed up with the slim options for menstrual pain and healthcare professionals not listening to their symptom problems. This has caused their trust in the medical system to erode. 

Our studies and research with individuals experiencing menstrual pain have revealed that many people are searching for alternative pain relief methods. Menstruators who consistently face prolonged menstrual discomfort are open to exploring diverse solutions, spanning both the wellness and pharmaceutical sectors, given the persistent nature of their pain.It's noteworthy to mention that in the US, 57% of women use CBD to manage their chronic pain. Through listening to countless stories—and leveraging our own lived experience—we started the process of OVY, the vaginal suppository that has CBD and CBG, leading to relief. 

We are deeply committed to cater to menstruators from all economic backgrounds, ensuring affordability without compromising on quality.  Our goal is to close the gender pain gap and empower menstruators. We’re here for you! 

2. We Support The Wider Community 

AIMA passion lies in women and those who identify as women’s health, not limiting ourselves to period discomfort alone. We cater to diverse needs, addressing conditions like endometriosis, primary and secondary dysmenorrhea, PCOS, and painful intercourse. By offering complimentary 15-minute consultation for our members who subscribe with cannabis experts, we ensure that each individual receives tailored advice to navigate their unique health journey. We also have a Geneva page, which you can access here, that is a huge for all things period pain. 

Our approach is deeply rooted in the principles of intersectional feminism, recognizing the myriad lived experiences of women. We love to share our thoughts through our blog, as we hope to spark conversations that intertwine intersectional feminism with health. Our mission is to elevate varied perspectives, casting a spotlight on a range of issues and championing a more inclusive approach to healthcare.

3. We Have Harnessed the Power Of CBD and CBG

Tired of the limiting option for period pain, we wanted to work with the natural offering of the cannabis plant. We have conducted plenty of research and have designed a unique vaginal suppository, with focused relief through a potent blend of CBD and CBG, both derived from the cannabis plant. The product stands on the bedrock of rigorous scientific evaluation, reinforcing our promise of solutions that are not only rooted in evidence but are also dependable.

These components have been long researched extensively for their efficacy in mitigating pain and inflammation. With the integration of CBD and CBG, the vaginal suppository, which we have called OVY, optimizes its ability to combat pain and inflammation. Crafting these elements into a vaginal suppository format, we are able to pinpoint delivery to affected painful regions, enhancing the analgesic effects. When using OVY,  relief is rapid, typically within 30-45 minutes post-insertion, extending to an impressive 8-hour window of sustained comfort. This quick, reactive support is revolutionary for period pain!

4. Our Products Are Designed For Body, Mind, And Soul 

Period pain, sometimes viewed through a singular lens, transcends just the physical discomfort and delves into the realms of mental and emotional well-being.  Period discomfort can significantly diminish quality of life, leading 41% of those who menstruate to skip work or school.

At AIMA, we understand this intricate interplay. Our products are not just remedies; they are a holistic approach to integrative health, designed for the body, mind, and soul. Recognizing that period discomfort can impact one's mental state and emotional equilibrium, we emphasize solutions that offer comprehensive relief. By nurturing the body, soothing the mind, and calming the soul, our products provide a complete healing experience, epitomizing the true essence of integrative health.


AIMA is shaking up the world of period pain and for menstruators to take control of their cycle and life. We believe that empowerment should be your constant, even during your monthly cycle. We encourage you to experience OVY relief with our scientifically-backed CBD and CBG vaginal suppository, designed to diminish discomfort and let you embrace life with less worry and more vitality. 

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