What Is the Science Behind AIMA and How Are Our Products Clinically Tested?

What Is the Science Behind AIMA and How Are Our Products Clinically Tested?

At AIMA, we are committed to supporting everyone that menstruates to navigate their cycles with grace and autonomy,  striving to cultivate a community that encourages empathy, solidarity, and a transparent discussion about menstrual well-being. 

Through unique scientific advancements, we aim to disrupt conventional norms, assuring that every person can access safe, effective and dependable solutions for menstrual discomfort!

For this article, grab your science lab coats as we run through the science behind us and how our products are clinically tested. 

The Science Behind AIMA

Existing remedies for period discomfort, like analgesics or NSAIDs, hormones, and opioids carry severe consequences including kidney malfunction, gastric ulcers, blood clots, strokes, and addiction, while not offering complete effectiveness. More than 30% of people who menstruate don't experience relief from their period discomfort when utilizing NSAIDs as their treatment strategy.

Introducing OVY RELIEF!  If you have not yet heard, we have a patent-pending formulation that is packed with CBD, CBG, and other agents with clinically proven safety and  efficacy. OVY RELIEF is a vaginal suppository that delivers said agents locally to the vagina and uterus to provide a safe and effective period relief. 

CBD is often chosen by people due to its unique properties in mitigating a variety of conditions, including chronic pain, anxiety, and seizures. It operates by interacting with the body's endocannabinoid system (ECS), a sophisticated cell-signaling network crucial in preserving physiological balance or homeostasis.

While CBG might not be as widely discussed as CBD, its importance is no less substantial. In the early growth phases of the marijuana plant, CBG is present in abundance. As the plant matures, most of the CBG converts into other cannabinoids, including CBD and THC, rendering it a minor element in fully-grown plants. Despite its minimal presence, studies imply that CBG possesses powerful anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and neuroprotective effects, although this has not been confirmed by the FDA.

Research indicates that CBD is both effective and safe for managing menstrual discomfort, aiding in alleviating endometriosis,  and restoring balance to the endocannabinoid system—a natural system within the body the imbalance of which can contribute to period pain.

What else is so great about OVY RELIEF?

  • It is scientifically backed by both in vitro and clinical studies. 
  • 80% of users experienced relief during a third-party product performance observational trial.
  • We created a proprietary vaginal formulation with synergy between CBD, CBG, and API-a for the best results.
  • OVY RELIEF doesn’t require refrigeration like many other products do, allowing for easy use, anywhere and everywhere..
  • OVY RELIEF maintains vaginal pH levels.
  • OVY RELIEF can be used during those very heavy flow days.OVY RELIEF  does not need to be taken out during sex, it can be used during sex, and it’s compatible with toys.
  • OVY RELIEF  be used with tampons/menstrual cups, but we recommend you use a pad for the first few hours after inserting your OVY.
  • The suppository slowly releases agents for long lasting relief. 
  • While other products only contain 25mg of CBD, OVY delivers double that dose while containing two more soothing agents that are unique to our formulation.
  • OVY RELIEF has been third-party tested by the Physicians Cannabinoid Council. 

Clinical Studies And Trials 

We have conducted numerous studies and trials to get a basis of need and delivery. We initially collated 47 individuals who menstruate to better understand their experiences with period discomfort. 

Amongst the question was the telling, “What is your pain level like during your menstruation?” to which 33 participants replied, “Severe,” and 26 selected that their pain is so bad, they very often require painkillers, the most used being NSAID. 

Further, we joined forces with the Physicians CBD Council to carry out a single-arm clinical study, evaluating the safety and efficacy of OVY relief among individuals who experience moderate to severe period pain. The Physicians CBD Council brings together a medical advisory board made up of physicians and nurse practitioners who are not only leaders in their primary specialties but also commit their time to patient education and endorsing the burgeoning field of cannabis research for potential therapeutic health benefits. The advisory board encompasses experts from various disciplines including family medicine, internal medicine, rheumatology, pain management, endocrinology, psychiatry, nephrology, and more.

There were specific criteria and eligibility, and the study ranged in questions such as symptom date, evaluating symptom management, and candidates' opinions on using cannabis. 

Happily, 80% found complete relief using OVY, highlighting its fast onset of effect, long-lasting relief (7-9 hours), improved sleep, reduced headache and nausea, and no reports of adverse effects!

Here is what some people involved with the research said, 

“I was skeptical that this would work. I’ve tried natural or herbal products in the past for my terrible period pain, but nothing worked EXCEPT OVY. I went from an 8, calling the ambulance to a 2, sleeping in my bed, pain-free, “ Krissy. 

“The instructions were easy to follow and informative. The texture was comfortable. Overall the product is exactly as simple as I would like it to be. It relieved my pain and I felt a lot more calm. I would definitely use it again,” Evelyn. 

“Love the relief it gave me. It was amazing,” Tanya.

Our steadfast commitment to clinical validation sets us apart as the industry frontrunner and paves the way for FDA prescription approval.


AIMA is transforming women's health with our scientifically substantiated solutions and proactive advocacy. We are excited to shake up the system and offer much-needed relief to everyone who menstruates.

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