Empowering Your Cycle: The Power of Mind-Body for Menstrual Wellness

Empowering Your Cycle: The Power of Mind-Body for Menstrual Wellness

Understanding Your Body's Language:  A Somatic Journey through Menstrual Health


Embarking on a journey of mind and body can be filled with adventure and challenge.. Des Caminos, an Embodiment & Somatic Practitioner, is dedicated to women’s health and emotional freedom. Des is here to provide women with unconventional, potent, and easy resources, guiding them to liberate themselves from old patterns and release any pain as they shift into their power. Join us in the first of five blog series The aim? To empower you with transformative mind-body techniques in pain management and hormonal harmony throughout your unique menstrual journey. Remember, you are not alone!

Author: Des Caminos B.A. B.S. DBT, Reiki, Somatic Practitioner, The Interconnected Self 


How to Take A Holistic Approach to Menstrual Health 

Do you ever find yourself in a tug-of-war with your body, especially during that time of the month? You are NOT alone and please know it is NOT your fault!

Welcome to a blog series dedicated to empowering you to decode the mysterious yet profound wisdom of your body throughout your menstrual cycle. 

For many of us, the monthly ebb and flow comes bundled with an array of challenges—pain, fatigue, and a rollercoaster of emotions that can feel overwhelming. If you resonate with this, know that you're not alone.

In our first blog of your powerful series, ‘Understanding Your Body's Language: A Somatic Journey through Menstrual Health’, we’ll embark on a somatic journey, embracing a holistic approach to menstrual health—one that bridges the gap among body, mind, and spirit.

Listening to Your Body's Whispers

Did you know your body is a beautiful detailed map of your subconscious mind, whispering messages that often get lost in the LOUD world around us. 

But what if we could slow down, tune in, and truly listen? What wisdom or messages do you think would rise or surface… especially during our menstrual cycle?

I know understanding your body's languages might seem impossible, daunting, and even a little scary, but whatever you feel or think is valid, I promise. This journey is about discovering your unique dialogue with yourself, because you deserve to be heard and validated, all parts of you!

As women we have been taught not to listen to our bodies, to judge and compare them, “Rub some dirt in it” and think  “Pain is weakness leaving the body”.

Radiant Soul, you deserve something different and so does your body!
This blog series is here to guide you on your journey!

Did you know your pelvis processes specific types of stress?
For example if you’ve experienced feelings of;

  • Being unimportant
  • Powerlessness
  • Stress from being unable to stand your ground
  • OR if there is ancestral trauma related to sexual abuse

Your pelvis carries this stress.

Truth is, many women carry these burdens without being shown how to release the tension nestled in their pelvis. 

An Invitation/Exercise: Pelvic Mantras for Pelvic Release

There's one gentle approach I advocate in getting started, which involves embracing mantras! A powerful tool for acknowledging and releasing stress.

Here are a few mantras I invite you to say and connect with as you tune into your body

Tip: Connecting with a mantra may lead to emotional shifts, such as a subtle tingling sensation or stronger emotions like anger, fear, or sadness.
Whatever you feel or don’t feel it’s ok!
If a mantra resonates, try repeating it while holding your pelvis several times over the next week.

"I release generational sexual shame and heal ancestral wounds linked to my sexuality in a way that is safe, secure and allows me control and freedom”

“I can be in my full power and authenticity, without others draining or taking my energy”

“I release lack of support and “less than” memories from my body, soul, and ancestry

"I can stand strong in myself and without having to fight, validate, or defend who I am”

"I reclaim my power, one step at a time."

🔥BONUS TIP… I've noticed, through my work with hundreds of women, that using scientific terms like 'pelvis' might not always create a strong connection. If 'pelvis' doesn't quite resonate with you, feel free to give this part of your body a name as you deepen your relationship with it.

🔥 BONUS FACT: If you struggle with pelvic floor inflammation or pain, know you are not alone. Studies show that about 25% of women struggle with pelvic floor challenges.

In a world where women are often encouraged to stifle their body's wisdom, you're rewriting the narrative. You're daring to carve a different path—one where your body's voice is heard, respected, and honored.


And now, as we embark on this blog series together; 'Empowering Your Cycle: Somatic Secrets for Menstrual Wellness', I'm thrilled to share insights, secrets, and practices that have brought profound shifts in my own menstrual journey. Each blog will hold within it a personal secret of mine that I use in my menstrual journey!

Des’s Secret #1:
The Power in the Pain

To speak to the pain that can come from our cycle can feel impossible and exhausting. But for my secret #1; I want to speak directly to the power in the pain. What if the intense pain of your period signifies something deeper? What if it represents your body's readiness to shed past experiences? The difficult conversations, the growth, the conflicts, the old patterns, I know many of us have been through so much. My invitation to you is to uncover the Power in the Pain.I KNOW this can be hard, it can be excruciatingly hard, but you can do hard things. Reflecting on all you've endured is an act of liberation and empowerment. What if you embraced your power within the pain? What if you allowed yourself to scream, to vent, to shout, to release all the painful remnants of your past?Your journey is one of resilience and growth. Embrace it with compassion and gratitude. Take a moment to honor the vulnerability within you and recognize the incredible resilience of your spirit. You are not alone on this journey. Together, we navigate the depths of our experiences, uncovering the transformative power within. You are strong, you are resilient, and you are capable of extraordinary healing. Embrace the journey, radiant soul.

So radiant soul… 
What if each cycle becomes an opportunity? A sacred ritual of shedding that invites transformation and gratitude? What are you shedding in your next cycle and can you give thanks to your body for it?

No judgment if you’re not ready to give gratitude! It took me a while too!

Just the fact that you read this blog speaks VOLUMES to your commitment, strength, and big heart!


About the Author
Des Caminos Embodiment & Somatic practitioner with 2 degrees and 7+ years of experience empowering women to navigate BIG emotions by building inner trust so that they can liberate themselves from old patterns and live with better health, lasting abundance and emotional freedom. After decades of a distorted sense of self, chronic pain, and intense fears of abandonment Des took her life into a deeper level of healing and transformation. One that went beyond a style of therapy, a level of inner work that offered surrender, trust, and a sustainable style of growth and expansion. Des has worked with UN Ambassadors and 100’s of women internationally.
B.A. B.S. DBT, Reiki, Somatic Practitioner


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