Questions about CBD? We got you covered

AIMA is partnering with Azalla Education to debunk misinformation about cannabis in wellness and provide you with science-driven education about the role CBD, CBG can play in menstrual care.

Introducing Azalla

Azalla Education is a women-owned company, founded by cannabis health professionals, offering science-driven public health education about cannabis medicine.

With a combined 20 years of research on endocannabinology and cannabinoid science, the Azalla team has helped thousands of patients and consumers improve their quality of life.

Meet The Azalla Team

Marissa Fratoni

is an experienced holistic nurse and multi-disciplined health practitioner specializing in women's health, maternal health, and behavioral health.

Julie Battel CNM, MPH

is an Advance Practice Nurse in cannabis medicine since 2017, with focus on educating patients about plant-based medicine benefits. Julie has expertise in women's health and neurological conditions.

Caitlin Bernhard, MSN, FNP

is a Cannabis Clinician, Herbalist, and Integrative Health Coach with a background in family medicine, reiki, bodywork, and Hatha yoga. Caitlin founded Azalla Wellness.

Book a 15-minute session with a cannabis health professional

We encourage you to book a session with a specialist to learn how you can use AIMA's CBD-based vaginal suppositories, OVY RELIEF. Team Azalla is also available to add clarity about any questions regarding cannabis use for women's health, menstrual care, and safety.

Interested in Trying OVY CBD Vaginal Suppositories?

The AIMA team is looking for women and menstruators in the U.S. to try and test OVY for free and share their feedback.

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