How AIMA Is Revolutionizing Women’s Health

How AIMA Is Revolutionizing Women’s Health

AIMA is quickly positioning itself as the front-runner in revolutionizing women's health. Our biggest motivator? An equitable world where every single person who menstruates can feel empowered, celebrated, and heard. We’re pretty fed up with the long-standing lack of support for period health and pain management and are here to shake things up.

Our team is composed of people who menstruate whose work is fuelled by personal experiences and passion. We strive to empower individuals to take control of their health and challenge the societal norms surrounding women's pain. We believe in the power of education, advocacy, and inclusivity. Our mission extends beyond providing innovative products; we aim to create a community where conversations about women's health, the gender pain gap, and intersectional feminism can thrive. 

AIMA is dedicated to creating a future where no one has to compromise their well-being for relief and where every individual can embrace their bodies with pride and confidence. 

Addressing Women's Health Issues

AIMA is dedicated to breaking the taboos surrounding women's health issues and providing solutions for those experiencing menstrual pain. "That time of the month" has long been associated with discomfort and inconvenience, dismissed as just a normal part of being a woman. We're stomping all over that idea by offering scientifically-backed products that tackle the root causes of period pain.

The gender pain gap is the disparity in pain research and treatment between men and women. Historically, women's pain has been dismissed, downplayed, or even ignored in medical research and treatment. This gap has resulted in a lack of understanding and effective solutions for individuals experiencing menstrual pain. So, pain management falls on Advil, birth control, and even opioids!? 

AIMA recognizes this gap and is determined to firmly close it (then lock it behind!) by focusing specifically on developing solutions tailored to women and people who menstruate’s unique physiological needs. Through our advocacy efforts and scientific advancements, AIMA is challenging the societal norms that have perpetuated the gender pain gap and paving the way for a future where every individual's pain is acknowledged, validated, and effectively managed.

OVY RELIEF: CBD & CBG-Based Period Pain Relief

AIMA's flagship product OVY is a total breakthrough in period pain management.

It is a vaginal suppository designed to deliver targeted relief by combining high-dosage CBD and CBG, derived from the cannabis plant, which have been scientifically studied for their potential to reduce pain and inflammation. By incorporating CBD and CBG, OVY leverages its pain reduction and inflammation. AIMA's products are backed by rigorous scientific research and testing. This scientific foundation ensures that the solutions offered by AIMA are evidence-based and reliable.

By formulating these compounds into a vaginal suppository, AIMA ensures precise and effective delivery to the impacted area, maximizing the pain-relieving benefits. Vaginal suppositories are fast-acting so relief begins 30-45 minutes after insertion for up to 8 hours of long-lasting relief.  

AIMA’s Team 

The AIMA team is dedicated to driving transformative change for women's health. Composed of passionate and dedicated individuals, AIMA is led by women who are deeply committed to reshaping the narrative around period pain and well-being. 

The team brings together experts in medical research, product development, and advocacy, allowing for innovative, scientifically-backed solutions. With a shared vision of empowering individuals and closing the gender pain gap, AIMA's team works tirelessly to challenge the status quo, break taboos, and provide comprehensive care that addresses the unique needs of women and individuals who menstruate. By championing inclusivity, scientific rigor, and advocacy, the AIMA team is revolutionizing the way society approaches women's health, ushering in a new era of empowerment and support.

Beyond Period Pain

AIMA's commitment to comprehensive women's health extends beyond period pain. We address various conditions affecting individuals with uteruses, such as endometriosis, primary and secondary dysmenorrhea, PCOS, and painful sex. By providing free 15-minute consultations with cannabis clinicians, we offer personalized guidance and support to help individuals find the most suitable solutions for their specific needs. 

We recognize the importance of intersectional feminism in understanding and addressing the diverse experiences of all women. Through our blog posts, we foster dialogue on intersectional feminism and health. We strive to amplify diverse voices, shedding light on a cascade of issues promoting inclusivity in healthcare. 


AIMA is at the forefront of revolutionizing women's health through its scientifically backed solutions and advocacy efforts. With our groundbreaking product, OVY, and commitment to comprehensive care, we hope to close the gender pain gap and empower individuals born with a uterus to take control of their health. By championing intersectional feminism and providing valuable resources, we hope to drive long-term, meaningful change.

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